Responsible serving® of alcohol training for bartenders in TX!



Responsible Serving® of Alcohol Online Training & Certification
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Responsible Serving® of Alcohol

This is the course that you need to be certified as a bartender. -
The Texas Responsible Serving® Course is ...

Responsible Serving® of Alcohol Information

Bartender Mixology Online Training & Certification
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Bartender Mixology
The Bartender Mixology Course will teach you everything you need to know about bartending, memorizing drink recipes, bar terminology, customer service, and more! The course is interactive meaning it is ...

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Responsible Serving® of Tobacco Online Training & Certification
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Responsible Serving® of Tobacco
This course presents you with the training and information you need to sell tobacco products responsibly. As you take the course, you will be introduced to the federal regulations regarding ...

Responsible Serving® of Tobacco Information

Food Safety for Handlers Online Training & Certification
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Food Safety for Handlers
This course will teach you the techniques and information on how to be safe with food. You will go through the process of learning how to prepare, handle and serve ...

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