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HomeTexas Food handler certificationTexasBartenderLicense.com also offers a Texas Food Handler course from PSCC to help you get certified as a certified Food Handler.

Professional Server Certification Corp.(PSCC) Food Handler Program Course Curriculum has been APPROVED and TXDSHS License #45 has been issued to the program.   Course Number: TXDSHS45

The Texas Food Handler course covers the overall information that you need to know to receive your state certification as trained and certified food handler.

The Texas Food Handler course is set up to allow you to advance your knowledge of food safety through easy-to-master lessons. As you progress through the Food Handler course, you will learn specific and detailed information about how to obtain safe food handling procedures using proven methods.

As a food handler working in the food service industry in Texas, it is your responsibility to know safe food handling techniques and procedures. This online food safety certification course will teach you everything you need to know to work as a responsible food handler and provide you a Texas approved certification from a leader in the food service industry.

Three easy steps to get your Texas Food Handler Certification (Food Safety Training):
  1. Order your "Food Safety for Handlers"  course
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  2. Take the course online at your leisure
  3. Print your official certificate online instantly

Texas Food Handler course