Responsible serving® of alcohol training for bartenders in TX!

California Responsible Serving® of Alcohol (On and Off Premises)

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NOTICE:The current Rserving California Responsible Serving of Alcohol course can be used to obtain your Responsible Beverage Server (RBS) training certificate.

However, the State of California is working on new requirements for 2022. But the requirements are not completed yet. Therefore, no courses can meet the upcoming Responsible Beverage Service Training Program Act (RBSTPA) standards, which are scheduled for 2022.

Once the new training requirements are completed, all bartenders, servers and managers will have to take the new training (when it is approved). Therefore, for students that take our current training, we will provide "no charge" training for an approved course in 2022. This assumes we will get approved. If we cannot get approved, we would not be able to provide the "no charge" approved course.

Please note that we will work to get approved, but we cannot control the approval process, or the course approval date. In addition, there may be other circumstances beyond our control.

Sign up and take Rserving's training now and receive your certificate (which will be valid through July 2022). Then, as soon as our new course has been approved by the California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (again assuming that we get approved) to meet the requirements of the Responsible Beverage Service Training Program Act (RBSTPA), students can complete our updated training course at no additional charge to receive your RBST certification (valid for an additional 3 years). The new training will comply with the new Responsible Beverage Service Training Program Act (RBSTPA) which requires all servers and managers to complete the new training effective July 1, 2022.

CA ABC COVID Update: On January 25, 2021, The California Department of Public Health (CDPH) announced the end of the Regional Stay at Home order. All counties in California will return to the rules and framework set out in the Blueprint for a Safer Economy and color-coded tiers that indicate which activities and business are open.

Do you need to get your CA RBS Program, Respsonsible Beverage Server Certificate?
Take the online course to earn your California RBS Program, Respsonsible Beverage Server Certificate (commonly referred to as: "bartender license").
Bartending License, RBS Program, Respsonsible Beverage Server Certificate / On-Premises Responsible Serving<sup>®</sup>
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On-Premises Responsible Serving®

For servers at establishments where patrons consume alcohol on the premises.
(For example: bars, restaurants, catering, events, etc.)

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Bartending License, RBS Program, Respsonsible Beverage Server Certificate Off-Premises Responsible Serving®
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Off-Premises Responsible Serving®
For sellers at establishments that sell alcohol to be consumed elsewhere.
(For example: liquor stores, convenience stores, grocery stores, etc)

Employer Package Discounts Available
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Employer Discounts

For employers / managers that need to train multiple employees
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